A few days ago, we shared with you a recap of the interview with Klặng Sun Ah at the “Scent of a Woman” Singapore Press Conference. Today, we will serve sầu you the second installation – a full recap of the interview with Lee Dong Wook! My first impression of hlặng being cold, expressionless và can’t-be-bothered was quickly shattered when we sat down lớn interview hyên. A couple of times, Lee Dong Wook actually noticed that one of the reporter’s phone had stopped recording the audio và he did not hesitate lớn stretch out his hvà lớn reactivate the recording again. Very nice of hyên, don’t you think so?


Q: This is your comebaông xã drama since your return from military service, so why did you choose a serious genre over others?

LDW: There are other types of romantic và comedy drama genres, but I wanted lớn choose a drama that can leave sầu a strong impression in people’s hearts và also a kind of memory lớn people, which is why I chose it. I happened khổng lồ have the synopsis earlier when I was in the military, và I found the program interesting and fun, especially the fact that I have this co-lead Miss Kyên ổn Sun Ah, who was going khổng lồ act with me, which actually led me khổng lồ choose this program as well. Before I filmed this drama, I had the confidence that “Scent of a Woman” would be a success, because I felt that this drama would receive sầu love sầu from many people. 


Q: After two years in the military service và this is your comebaông chồng drama, did you find it hard khổng lồ adjust to the filming schedule? 

LDW: I think I adjusted to lớn the new environment better than I expected. I can say that when I was in the military service, I used to get up very early & go to lớn bed very late. And the place I had been working didn’t have me on a regular schedule, so sometimes I slept very late, và sometimes I had lớn go to bed in the morning. 

Q: We can see the great chemistry between you & Kim Sun Ah. How long did you take khổng lồ develop this great rapport with her? 

LDW: Every drama I’ve sầu acted in, I think I had great chemistry with the female artists. For this particular drama, the situation was different from the others. Miss Kyên ổn Sun Ah (Yeon Jae) was suffering from cancer, và we had khổng lồ act in difficult situations. For that we really had to lớn communicate a lot, through which we became very cthua to each other. Miss Klặng Sun Ah is a charismatic lady, and I was junior to lớn her both in terms of age and in the acting industry. We had good chemistry, and we were able khổng lồ get very cthất bại in a very short while. I don’t know how long it took, but it didn’t take very long for us lớn be very cchiến bại to each other. When we went overseas, I think that also made us come closer. We were in love sầu with each other in the drama, therefore I sometimes assume myself lớn feel that I really love sầu her. That also made me feel closer to lớn her. 


Q: We heard that you once spent 10 days without sleep. What did you survive that?

LDW: The filming situation in Korea, when we film, we have sầu to lớn go to lớn such difficulty not khổng lồ have a proper bed for many days. If I get siông xã, or I refuse to lớn film because of my physical situation, then we cannot broadcast the drama as scheduled. Therefore I have no option but to lớn act và I had the mission and responsibility khổng lồ overcome the situation. In addition khổng lồ the things I’d mentioned, I can say that we have sầu very good atmosphere on our set with all the people, that’s why I could overcome all the difficulties. I did not say I did not sleep at all in the 10 days, I had some sleep in between while we were moving from one point lớn the other, in the car, also when we were on standby, I have sầu the chance to lớn sleep.

Q: During the filming, you worked with actresses Seo Hyo Ryên ổn và Klặng Sun Ah. Both of them are different types of woman, do you like any of them or who is your ikhuyễn mãi giảm giá type?

LDW: In the role (Ji Wook) itself, of course I prefer Lee Yeon Jae to lớn the role played by Miss Seo Hyo Rim. Miss Seo Heo Rim played the role who is very bad và vice, so I prefer Lee Yeon Jae in the act. However, I don’t dare to lớn weigh the two actresses, who is more ikhuyến mãi or less igiảm giá khuyến mãi. In real life, both of them are very beautiful, are great actresses and they have very good characters as well. In the drama itself, Miss Seo Heo Rlặng is vice and very terrible, và she is not liked by people however her real self is very xinh tươi and lively. As for Miss Kim Sun Ah, she is a very nice lady and has a terrific character.

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Q: There was a sexy bathing scene which you were topless. Did you work this body toàn thân in the army or was it after that? 

LDW: I acted right after I came out from the military service, I can say that I was exercising alot in the military service. Before I return from the military service, I was having a holiday và I used that time to train up myself.

Q: What have sầu you been able to lớn take away from this drama?

LDW: First thing I can say is I realized how precious life is. Also I became very grateful to lớn the fact that I am happy and also those people around me, whom I love very much. I think it is very important to lớn vị whatever we feel lượt thích doing rather than thinking of what other people may say.

Q: So from the shower scene, do you have any pressure doing it? Do you think that from now on, in every show you vày, is there likely a scene that you need to take your shirt off?

LDW: In fact I can’t say that I lượt thích khổng lồ expose my body when I have sầu to film, because it is too imposing for me to reveal myself. The reason I feel that way is because I have sầu to lớn prepare myself before actual filming starts. I need to lớn exercise alot, I have sầu khổng lồ control my diet, which is not very good to lớn any human being, & I have to lớn really tolerate, I have sầu to be patient with alot of things. After going through hardship, I can achieve sầu that kind of body toàn thân. So I can say it is not really pleasant for me to go through that hardship, however, as an actor, I think those scenes can be very important. Also those scenes can appeal lớn the viewers who lượt thích lớn see me in a different kinds of roles. So I say that I will not reject that kind of proposals if any, I will try my best.

At the moment I’m also working on another new drama, which also requires me lớn reveal my toàn thân alot, and that makes me quite crazy. If possible, I hope that I don’t have sầu khổng lồ reveal myself too much, then I’ll feel more comfortable.


Rethành viên to catch Lee Dong Wook in “Scent of a Woman” on Starhub TV channel ONE (ch 823) every Wednesdays & Thursdays at 9:05pm (local time).

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